Our enterprise

Our Mission

We believe that the modernization of the steel industry sector can be done simply and economically. We are convinced that the companies that will bet on a high level of quality of their equipment will be the ones that will build our tomorrow. We invest all our efforts in achieving this vision.
That’s why we support our customers in the accomplishment of their projects, guiding them in the choice of their equipment and ensuring the proper functioning of these.

Our Story

At its beginnings in 2003, AS Bond 003 mainly offered products and services to sharpeners and manufacturers of cutting tools. Two world-renowned companies, Cape Diamond Products Ltd. (England) and Tyrolit Abrasives (Austria) have helped to start and grow the business.

Shortly after, the addition of Trumpf “Powertools” products (Germany) enriched the list of customers of AS Bond 003 since new production sectors could be served: sheet metal, steel fabricators and welding shops.

In 2005, Peddinghaus Corporation (USA) solicited AS Bond 003 to introduce its products to manufacturers of structural steel and steel service centers.

Following the addition of the Peddinghaus product line, AS Bond 003 detected a lack in services and support to French speaking companies in Quebec. So we added a Service Department to provide this support, to French and English customers in Quebec. That’s how AS Bond 003 became the privileged link between Europe, the US and Quebec to serve the structural steel sector.

In 2006, Stema Pedax (Pedax since 2011), a German manufacturer of CNC equipment for the reinforcing steel sector, was added to the prestigious range of products already offered by AS Bond 003.

Being always on the lookout for new technologies, AS Bond 003 added many other product lines in recent years: Combilift, Steelmax, Cleveland, Hypertherm, LTPS, Kennametal, etc.

AS Bond 003 is proud to have become, in a decade, the Eastern Canada staple for steel equipment. No matter where the best products are on the planet, AS Bond 003 knows how to unearth them.

Equipement for the steel industry