Product Description

The Twinmaster 16 X+ is an automatic stirrup machine model with high output and maximum performance.

As an option, Twinmaster 16 X+ can be equipped with a 3D bending unit.

The machine processes hot-rolled and cold drawn wire in the range from 6 mm up to 16 mm and double strand up to 12,7 mm.

Differentiated roller sizes also give better straightening results for all diameters.

Twinmaster 16 X+ is equipped with further 2 fully automatic straightening units where each top roller is electronically adjusted by an electrical spindle motor and a high speed Bosch-Rexroth servo motor for the bending unit. The complete straightening units can be adjusted individually for each wire diameter and memorized in the computer system by means of 3 joysticks. Stainless steel front plate.

Newest Bosch-Rexroth servo technique provides the highest bending and feeding speed. / Powerful in-feed for trouble free processing of 16 mm at high speed. / Highest and controllable bending speed with the newest servo technology. / “Logic-Soft” software for easy input of data. / Joysticks for easy adjustment of the wire. / Ergonomic PC console. / Motorized adjustment of the mandrel height from the front of the machine as an option. / Low noise impact. / Operation- and service friendly. / Ergonomic design.

Option: Anti-Twist system. / 3D bending unit

Technical details
Technical characteristics
Steel grade 700 N / mm²
Wire diameter Single strand: Ø 6-16 mm
Rate of fee max. 120 m / min
Bending speed max. 1730 ° / sec
Bending angle 0-180 °
Weight 3.500 kg
Dimensions (W x W x H) 5750 x 1750 x 2150 mm (extended working surface 2960 mm)
Operating voltage 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Connected load 24 kW
Average power consumption 5-7 kW
Hand fuse 63 Amp
Air pressure / consumption Max. 8 bar / approx. 200 l / min
Drawing power of feeding rollers 15.000 – 25.000 N
Tolerances Side lengths +/- 1 mm / m
Angles +/- 1 °
Bars +/- 1 mm / m

Concrete (bridge, building, road), Construction site, Rebar chop.

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