Product Description

The robust PeddiMax No. 1 steelworker comes with dual 140-ton cylinders and a 15HP motor.

With a precision slide design and integrated cylinders, the PeddiMax No. 1 provides a true 90° approach to every work piece in all punching, shearing, and notching operations. The perpendicular motion of the slide provides distortion free punching and shearing for every piece. With no lateral forces, you will get longer life out of the machine, tooling, and blades than you would with machines that use radial or pivotal arm designs. This machine comes with two slides and two cylinders, so that two operations can be performed at the same time.

Each Ironworker usually comes with a # 513 material support table and a 39 ” length stop.

Technical details
Metric Imperial
Tonnage 127 Metric Tons 140 tons
Std Punch Attachement up to 39 mm in 24 mm material up to 1-½’’ in 1’’ material
Flat Bar Shear up to 500 mm x 20 mm up to 20’’ X ¾’’
Angle Iron Shear up to 150 mm x 12 mm up to 6’’ X ½’’
Square Noth (Width & Depth) 65 mm – 85 mm 2.55’’ – 3.35’’
Round Bar Shear 50 mm et 25 mm 2’’ et 1’’
Square Bar Shear 50 mm et 30 mm 2’’ et 1.2’’
Throat Depth 510 mm 20’’

Notching, Shearing, Punching.

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