PCD 1100 3/C – ADVANTAGE-2


PCD 1100 3/C – ADVANTAGE-2

Product Description

The Advantage-2 Beam Drill Line is one of the fastest solutions on today’s market for structural steel. Proven to process between 100-150 tons of structural steel per week on average (this can fluctuate based on section size and complexity of operations) the Advantage-2 is ideal for Medium to Large fabricators, or fabricators with specialty applications.

The Advantage-2 Beam Drill Line is the ideal machine for fabricators with requirements that can be automated with the following functions:

Processing of sections with up to five tool selections in each drilling axis  / Thread Tapping / Countersinking / Carbide Drilling / 4-Axis carbide scribing for layout marking and part designation

Technical details
Metric Imperial
Nbr of tool holder 3 3
Max. Profile Width 1100 mm 44’’
Max. Profile Height 460 mm 18’’
Min. Profile Width 50 mm 2’’
Min. Profile Height 20 mm ¾’’
Spindle Horse Power / Speed 18.5 kW / 0-3000 RPM 25HP / 0-3000 RPM
Max. Hole Size (HSS Twist) 40 mm Diameter 1-9/16’’ Diameter
Max. Hole Size (Carbide) 32 mm Diameter 1-¼’’ Diameter
Tool Changer Yes Yes
Nbr of Available Tool Stations 5 5
Max. Weight Section Size 434 kg / m 300 lbs / pi
Max. Profile Weight – Total 8,164 kg 18 000 lbs
Machine Weight 9,117 kg 20 100 lbs

Drilling, Scribing, Countersinking, Tapping, Roller, Measurement, Milling.

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