Product Description

The D2X magnetic drilling machine from Steelmax is a powerful drilling machine for every-day industrial use.  With its high-torque, 1260-watt electric motor, the D2X is capable of drilling 2″ (51 mm) diameter holes in material up to 3″ (76 mm) thick.  The D2X features a revolutionary – and service-friendly – design with a unique, semi-automatic, self-adjusting gib system that requires minimal maintenance over the drill’s life and produces accurate hole cutting.  A proprietary replaceable spline on the end of the armature shaft further reduces maintenance and repair costs.

The D2X accepts arbors and drill chucks with Morse Taper No. 2 shafts and easily switches between drilling with annular cutters and solid twist drill bits for maximum flexibility.

Equipped with an electromagnetic Energy Saving Base (ESB), the D2x uses only 50% of the power when the motor is not under load, which dramatically increases the operating life of the electromagnet. A Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC) system provides maximum holding power on thin material.

A Magnetic Power Adhesion Control (MPAC) module detects an adequate adhesive force of electromagnetic base for safe operation.

Technical details
Technical characteristics
2″ (51 mm) diameter x 2″ (51 mm) depth of cut
Unique self-adjusting gib system extends cutter life
Through-spindle coolant system with integrated reservoir
Safe magnet™ circuitry recognizes magnetic holding power
Powerful 1260W motor and all metal housing make the D2x a production tool for industrial environments
2-speed gearbox works with twist bits to 7/8″ and annular cutters to 2″ diameter
Integrated gearbox housing with slide
Adjustable cutter guard with built-in chip breaker
Semi-automatic gib backlash adjustment
Energy Saving Base (ESB)
Magnetic Power Adhesion Control (MPAC)
Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC)

Bridge, Metal, Shipyard, Steel, Structure, Welding.

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