Product Description

Reduce your costs and lay the foundation for high-quality welds with the Steelmax BM21 (and the BM21 SS specifically for use on stainless steel). Inaccurate bevels and poor weld preparation are often the root cause of weld defects and excessive welding costs. Both machines utilize a high-speed rotary milling head with ten carbide inserts to produce precise bevel angles from 0 to 60 degrees that dramatically improve fit up and all subsequent welding operations.

Unlike flame or plasma cut weld preparation, the BM21 (and BM21 SS) produce no heat affected zone or distortion of the work piece. These portable tools can be carried anywhere and eliminate time consuming and costly material handling associated with moving plates around the shop to stationary burning and milling machines.

The BM21 features an ergonomic design that includes vibration-dampening technology to protect the operator and the machine during heavy continuous operation. Automatic thermal overload protection circuitry protects the motor from premature failure, providing a reliable tool that can withstand the toughest jobs. The BM21 can be used on plate and pipe without any additional accessories.

Technical details
Technical characteristics
Single milling head using 10 indexable carbide inserts produces weld-ready bevels quickly and efficiently with low operator effort
Fast and easy exchange of inserts with no need for special adjustment
Working range from 0 to 60 degrees with continuous angle adjustment
Simple bevel angle and bevel width setup
Advanced vibration isolation protects both the operator and the machine
Universal guide plate requires no additional accessories for beveling both plate and pipe

Aluminum, Metal, Steel, Stainless steel, Bridge, School, Structure, Welding.

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