Product Description

The BDL-1250/9D Beam Drill Line has proven to be the highest tonnage drill line available on the market today. The sheer throughput of the machine is perfect for fabricators processing the heaviest sections. Columns in excess of 730 lbs/ft are continually executed with ease on this one-of-a-kind system. Proven to process an average of 200 plus tons of structural steel per week, the BDL-1250/9D proudly serves some of the world’s largest fabricators.

The BDL-1250/9D Beam Drill Line is the ideal machine for fabricators with requirements that can be automated with the following functions:

Processing of sections with up to three tool selections in each drilling axis / Thread Tapping  / Countersinking / Carbide Drilling / 4-Axis carbide scribing for layout marking and part designation

Technical details
Metric Imperial
Nbr of tool holder 9 9
Max. Section Width 1250 mm 50’’
Min. Section Width 75 mm 3’’
Max. Section Height 610 mm 24’’
Min. Section Height 19 mm ¾’’
Max. Section Weight 19,867 kg max 43 800 lbs max.
Spindle Horsepower 18.6 kW 25 HP
Spindle Speed 145-1800 RPM 145-1800 RPM
Max. Hole Size 50 mm 2’’
Machine Weight 14,710 kg 32 430 lbs

Drilling, Tapping, Countersinking, Roller, Measurement, Scribing, Hard Stamp.

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