Product Description

Precision, accuracy, intelligence, and strength are evident within the Anglemaster-HD. Labeled as Peddinghaus’ most powerful Anglemaster to date, the Anglemaster-HD is pushing angle processing to new heights. Utilizing Smart Cylinder technology and comprehensive material dimensioning the Anglemaster-HD is the only Anglemaster of its kind.

The Anglemaster-HD can punch round or shaped holes (obrounds, slots, etc.), stamp or mark parts, and shear parts to length in a single pass. This allows for a streamlined production process without the need to handle parts multiple times, or maintain an array of manual operations to achieve the desired result.

Technical details
Metric Imperial
Nbr of punches per leg of angle 3 3
Type of shear blade Single Cut Shear Blade Single Cut Shear Blade
Max. Angle Capacity 200 mm x 200 mm x 25 mm 8’’ X 8’’ X 1’’
Min. Angle Capacity 40 mm x 40 mm x 5 mm 1-½’’ X 1-½’’ X3/16’’
Max. Flat Stock Capacity 300 mm x 25 mm 12’’ X 1’’
Min. Flat Stock Capacity (narrowest) 50 mm x 6 mm 2’’ X ¼’’
Min. Flat Stock Capacity (thinnest) 75 mm x 5 mm 3’’ X 3/16’’
Max. Channel Size (punching only) 300 mm Wide 12’’ Wide
Max. Punch Tonnage (3-Speed Cylinder) 153 Metric tons 169 tons
Max. Shear Tonnage (3-Speed Cylinder) 467 Metric tons 515 tons
Nbr of SignoMat Characters /Min. 60 60
Nbr of SignoScript Characters /Min 30 30
Nbr of SignoMat Characters on disc 36 36
Machine Weight 11,521 kg 25 400 lbs

Punching, Shearing, Roller, Measurement, Hard Stamp, Scribing.

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