Product Description

The AFPS-643/Q allows automating angle iron and flat stock processing with one machine that can deliver accurate, finished parts in seconds. A typical 6″ x 6″ x 5/8” clip angle with twelve holes, can be punched, marked, and sheared to a finished length in less than one minute.

Shim plates, cap plates and similar connections can be processed in no time; with the AFPS-643/Q, change over time is less than 5 minutes, by simply changing the shear blade.

The AFPS-643/Q can punch round or shaped holes (obrounds, slots, etc.), mark the parts, and shear parts to length in one-pass, minimizing scrap.

The Anglemaster can be provided with complementary loading and unloading equipment, to minimize material handling and further expedite production.

Technical details
Metric Imperial
Max. Angle Capacity 152 mm x 152 mm x 15 mm 6’’ X 6’’ X 5/8’’
Min. Angle Capacity 38 mm x 38 mm x 3 mm 1-½’’ X 1-½’’ X 1/8’’
Max. Flat Stock Capacity 152 mm x 15 mm 6’’ X 5/8’’
Min Flat Stock Capacity 50 mm x 6 mm ou 75 mm x 5 mm 2’’ X ¼’’ ou 3’’ X 3/16’’
Max. Hole Size 32 mm 1-¼’’
Punch Capacity 66 Metric Tons 75 tons
Shear Capacity 209 Metric Tons 230 tons
Type of Shear Blade Single Cut Single Cut
Machine Weight 5,443 kg 12 000 lbs
Poids de la machine 11,521 kg 25 400 lbs

Punching, Shearing, Roller, Measurement, Scribing, Hard Stamp.

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