Our services


Reorganization of equipment in your plant (factory layout).

This service is offered through Peddinghaus and Pedax. It allows substantial savings of time and money. Call us for more information.


Layout d'usine avec machine Peddinghaus


Preventive maintenance, repair and reconditioning

AS Bond 003 can take over the maintenance of all equipment for which we are licensed dealer (LPTS, Peddinghaus, Pedax, Steelmax, Trumpf, Hypertherm, Combilift) and more ...


Our qualified staff performs the work in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. You have the certainty that the job will be well done.


Our reconditioning service will extend significantly and affordably the life of your equipment.


We also repair the equipment we are distributing.


For more information on any of these services, call us at 1.819.604.7757



Reconditionnement de machines industrielles Réparation de machines industrielles


Technical support

Several reasons may require the help of an AS Bond 003 technician. Here are the most common reasons why clients call AS Bond 003 for support ...


  • Calibration.
  • Error code on the computer.
  • Unusual noise.
  • Oil leaking.
  • Machine completely stopped.
  • Parts come out a bit too short / long.



Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your machinery.